Babylon js blender

I have some basic issue (I think) when I try to export a scene from Blender to . I think I don't really understand how textures work.

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Let's take a Babylon js blender basic example. I create a new scene on Blender. There's juste a жижа для электронных сигарет light, a camera and a cube. I change nothing on the cube options. I just apply a texture from a jpg on the standard material. It looks like this :

Babylon js blender I

I use the Babylon exporter to have a .babylon file. But when I import Электронная сигарета купить в москве недорого в аптеке it, the texture is not applied.

Babylon js blender II

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I really don't understand сбоку с электронной сигареты льется жижа why. Is there something special to do to make textures being imported ?

Here is my import code :



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